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Sculptures in 3D printing

3D printing has revolutionized my sculpturing work

Not being nostalgic in using clay, plastered bands, silicone or polyurethane

resins, I especially realized that this technology would achieve an extremely

detailed reconstruction in multi-section delays using conventional technicals.

Hereunder are 3 examples including a complete skeleton of 5 meters


A big challenge for a small dinosaur

The city of Nimes wanted to have for its Museum of Natural History,

a reconstitution of a Variraptor, a local celebrity.

There was nothing special so far, having only two months to deliver it.

Without the 3D printing solution, I would have probably had to decline the offer, because the

Variraptor, of modest size (1.5 m.) was covered with feathers and I still had in memory the

realization of another feathered Variraptor, which was really difficult to achieve.

I chose to suggest the plumage in 3D modeling.


In addition to the skeleton of the Streptospondylus, the Paleospace wanted a reconstruction of

the same animal.

For reasons of space and for the sake of budget reduction, it was decided to carry it out to half

of its with 2.5 m long.

Two weeks were necessary for modeling, 10 days for printing and barely more than one

month to achieve the patina and the delivery.

In Paléospace, cheerful local team.

The Paleospace's last output before making the space in the Hall of Normandy's dinosaurs.

The members of the small team who helped me with the installation were:

Laurent, Adrien, and Michel.

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