Modeling is a wonderful medium to achieve an illustration.

Indeed, it is easy to put in scene an environment that can itself be transferred to


Here is an example of a digital sculpture used in an illustration.

I chose a Leedsichthys as an example; it is a huge fish from the Jurassic (of the

Pachycormides family).

It measured between 15 and 20 meters, lived like today's sharks whales. Very spectacular, but

has a simple form, perfect for this example.



The Leedsichthys

Leedsichthys Sketch of Leedsichthys

A drawing is prepared with sketches.

When it comes to a paleontological reconstruction, it is often requires to be approved by a

paleontologist with whom collaboration is always desirable.

leedsichthys modeled with ZBrush leedsichthys modeled with ZBrush

The resulting model is textured.

Textures are created with Photoshop on the basis of photographic documents.

This is a thorough and long step that requires a lot of attention. Paint a 3D model is like

making a costume and the seams or wrinkles should not be seen.

The template is placed in a complete digitally designed decor.

It can be done from a photographic montage retouched with Photoshop, or, in our example, a

complete creation in 3D with software dedicated to the creation of an environment like view.

I chose a simple seabed, with a little choppy sea, under clear weather, a beautiful seaside

location for diving with the Leedsichthys.

Leedsichthys and Asteracanthus

3 variations of the same modeling in designed environments in 3D.

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