As a child, my mother often took me to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. The little boy I used to be was impressed by the huge dinosaurs. Therefore, I started drawing these animals from a very early age.

In 1989, while studying at the School of Fine Arts, I wanted to fullfill an old childhood dream: search for dinosaurs.

Luckily, the team of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris was in need of a field photographer,, a skill I had developed during my studies.

From that day on, successive encounters and discoveries have been quite decisive. Right after graduation, I chose the paleontological reconstruction field rather than photography, responding to a request paleontologists had to illustrate the fossil fauna. This is how I keep contact with the ground. The discovery is a powerful stimulant.

The discovery is a powerful stimulant.

In recent years, digital technology itself has been offering a great freedom of artistic expression as well as an exceptional rendering quality. Today, it is possible to create entire animals and skeletons using 3D printing.

Career and achievements

1979-1982: Biology studies

1988-1989: Photographer at the laboratory of comparative anatomy of MNHN

1989: Graduated the Orléans Institute of Visuals Arts, in superior plastic expression studies.

1987-2003: A score of paleontological missions with the laboratory of paleontology of the MNHN.


Summary of my works between 1991 and 2015




Museum of the dinosaurs of Esperaza

A reconstruction of a feathered Variraptor

A reconstruction of an Ampelosaure head

A reconstruction of a dead Compsognathus


Museum of Natural History in Toulon

Two pterosaurs of the genus Gallodactylus

A reconstruction of a site of Canjuers Rynchocephale

A reconstruction of a Compsognathus from the site of Canjuers

A reconstruction of a turtle from the site of Canjuers


Museum of Natural History in Nîmes

A Variraptor in 3D printing


Museum of Natural History in Aix en Provence

Reconstruction of a Rhabdodon


National Museum of Natural History in Paris  

A sculpture of Allosaurus in the 30th

A sculpture of an Allosaurus egg with embryo cutting


Paleospace the Odyssey of Villers sur Mer

A complete skeleton of Streptospondylus

A complete skeleton of a Lexovisaurus

A reconstruction of a Streptospondylus


Museum of Lourinhã, Portugal

A sculpture of an Allosaurus egg with embryo cutting



2D reconstructions



Museum of the dinosaurs of Espéraza

An illustration of an Ampelosaure of a Variraptor, and of a Rhabdodon

Several drawings of animals for the Museum's scenography

4 humorous dinosaurs for the Museum's playful animation


General council of Charentes

Digital paintings for the excavation of Angeac site


Fleurus Publishers

Illustrations of animals and landscapes 'Dinosaurs' by Christel Souillat, and Jean Le Loeuff, 'Dinosaurs' by Romain Amiot, 'Dinosaurs' an all in one collection by Romain Amiot



Milan Jeunesse.

“In the footsteps of dinosaurs” by Christel Navneet


Pyrénées Magazine Publishers

Reconstructions of 4 landscapes (Cretaceous, Eocene, Miocene, Quaternary) 


Hachette Publishers

A skeleton of Tyrannosaurus, Illustrations for 'Dinosaurs'


Atlas Publishers

30 illustrations for a collection of fact sheets on fossils



6 illustrations for the 'Dinosaurs' album



Illustration for an article on the Moropitheque



Illustration for 'Dinosaur Story' by Dominique Leglu and Catherine Madrid


Science et Avenir

Reconstructions of dinosaurs for special issues 


Paleospace of Villers sur Mer

16 reconstructions for permanent or tempory exhibitions, t-shirts and other products

sold in the Museum shop.


National Museum of Natural History

Painting and drawings to publications, postcards, posters of exhibitions, invitations, t-shirt.


Editions Bréal.
illustrations for  " Histoires de Dinosaures " from Francis Duranthon.
illustrations for  " Histoires de Mammifères " from Francis Duranthon.


Editions Gründ.
Illustrations for the book « Les Dinosaures ».


Gédéon Programme
Story-board, preparatory drawings for 3D image, consultant for the documentary 'L'empreinte des
Dinosaures ».


Paintings for thematic evening « Tempes des Dinosaures ».


C'est pas sorcier.

Uses several reconstructions of dinosaurs.



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