A complete skeleton of a dinosaur in 3D printing

The Paleospace of Villers sur Mer wanted to have two skeletons of dinosaurs including the Streptospondylus that had to be entirely designed in 3D printing, the first in France.
Here is a summary of its design. 

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The Streptospondylus is Jurassic theropod dinosaurs, and the discovered specimens are


The first stage of the work was to collect the necessary documents. The paleontologist, Ronan

Allain, followed the entire design of the skeleton, providing advices and corrections during

the process of its achievement.

He reached the decision by using several specimens like the Streptospondylus. Our dinosaur

was indeed a hybrid of the Streptospondylus, the Dubreuillosaurus and the Megalosaurus.

Hereunder are a few examples of modeled bones

The modeled bones will be assembled separately,

The skeleton was put in installation. The computer file was sent to the printer.

The printing of the skeleton should take 3 weeks. The work of patina would last one month.

Two full days would be required for its installation.

Streptospondylus the skeleton in 3D printing.

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